Great Scott! Who is this guy?

February 1, 2007 at 9:32 pm (Uncategorized)

Professor Scott Brodeur is somewhat of a mystery to his Covergence Journalism class. After finding no wikipedia page for him, and shuffling through Google for twenty minutes, the identity of the man who will be ruling their Thursday evenings for the next 4 months finally comes into focus.

Among his many postitions, Brodeur is the managing editor for Web Site Development at Advance Internet. The site creates local news and information websites for many newspapers as well as centralized sites for such states as Michigan, Orgeon, Pennsylvania, New Orleans and many others. It is on one such site that Prof. Brodeur is the founding Editor-In-Chief of, which is also the website for New England’s “The Republican” newspaper. Brodeur also maintains his blog “Blog Beat” on MassLive, where he showcases local blogs worthy of note, as well as other internet postings that catch his eye.

Dubbed “the Godfatherof Western Mass Blogging”, Brodeur has spent much of his time educating people about blogging and encouraging them to make their own. In an age where journalism is quickly moving from paper to monitors, Brodeur is helping make the transition more seemless for the technologically challenged.


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