February 15, 2007 at 10:56 pm (Uncategorized)

Gridskipper is a self proclaimed “urban travel guide,” which exhibits a plethora of various posts about cities and city life.

Among it’s posts for the day is a story shitting on the city of Cleavland, Ohio, which the site apparently regrets giving a good review to recently.

Like most brogs to date, it’s semi/faux/whatever-hyperlink(esque) text is laden with links, so much so that you can get to a review of Dustin Diamond’s (Screech of “Saved By the Bell” fame) sex tape in less than 3 clicks (I just beat them at 1 click.) That’s sorta cool, i guess.

Mention of stuff that has really nothing to do directly with cities is promently posted on the site. Information on Guiness’s new beer, titled Guiness Red, is on the site for example. I mean, i get that cities have pubs and pubs have beer, but isnt that more appropos for something like RealBeerBlog? It makes for a site that’s damn aggrivating when it struggles to find its center.

On the other-side, it does have a lot of cool info on various city restaurants, hotels, events to go to and shit like that. You want to go to an overpriced restaurant that serves small servings of undercooked food, then they can help you. Want a random article about Vespa scooters (which Fuck You, i still think are cool) then they got you covered. But why in the 5 hells they have an article posted where random people on the street get to hold an Oscar statue and comment on it, i have no friggin idea. I know it’s damn hard to find fresh content, but stay within you lines, bro! Otherwise, look what i do to it…


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