Why ibrattleboro.com Sucks Badly By Devon & Caleb

February 15, 2007 at 9:44 pm (Uncategorized)

Brattleboro’s community site, ibrattleboro.com, is a cornucopia containing everything from city council meeting info, over-opinionated news stories, meaningless surveys and reports on the local economy. Although the layout of the site is pedestrian and uninspiring, the information contained within is a very homey representation of the things that matter in this sleepy Vermont town.

The overall lack of cencorship of content allows the everyday putz to say basically whatever the hell they want on the site. Everything from a local playhouse director’s call for props to a random and pointless critique about the state of Israel are prominently displayed on this glofified messageboard, and it takes away from what could maybe, possibly, but-probably-not be an okay community centered site.

Although categoriezed and documented thoroughly within the site’s mainframe, there isn’t much content or substance to allure even a local reader to frequent the site. The interest that I had for it was only contained within the brief moment that I was assigned the task to review it. It died shortly after I logged on to the domain and noticed the lack of ANYTHING REMOTELY APPEALING. When the highlight of the last 5 posts is the period at the end, you know something is wrong.

Unless you are an avid member of the Brattleboro city council (and who isnt!?) skip the site, and go read fucking Gawker or something.


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  1. Western Avenue said,

    I completely agree!

    ibrattleboro’s moderators (Chris & Lise) are unprofessional in that they flog anyone who posts on their site who doesn’t share their viewpoints, be they political or local cultural in nature. I posted an on-topic reply to a thread and got singled out and called a “troll” by moderator Chris Grotke for making a humorous, albeit sarcastic comment about third party voting, which apparently ruffled his feathers enough to slam me on his site.

    Mind you, if you don’t play by their rules (the moderators) they can block you from posting on their site, and have done so to many posters.

    If you want news, read the Brattleboro Reformer, or other blogs from town. About the only thing good about ibrattleboro is the Selectboard minutes and some local videos of events that happen like fires and floods. The rest is just opinionated, pompous B.S.

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