Warren Ellis: You are mine

February 22, 2007 at 10:20 pm (Ellis Watch)

So the blog i’ll be tracking this semester is WarrenEllis.com which is sorta kinda the reasearch site of graphic novel/comicbook writer/author, you guessed it, Warren Ellis. The site, which runs through WordPress(Fuck Yeah!) stems from his old research blog he used to maintain, titled DiePunyHumans.com, which if you check the window, is now a site dedicated to the watch for future technologies.

As of now, WarrenEllis.com has a lot of crazy ass shit on it. He uses the site to showcase everything from his own works, the photographic work of his friends, his friend’s work, and what i enjoy most, nutty shit that he uses in his reasearch. A good example of how the author uses his reasearch blog in his comics was from an article he linked months ago about a drug called BZ.

Basically, the drug was being used by Iraqi insurgents right before a suicide attack. It induces a days long violent hallucination, which allowed any crazy bastard brave enough to take it to think they were something between Jesus and Iron Man. Now, while the story itself is fucking fascinating, just 2 weeks ago the use of this reasearch material surfaced in the pages of a detective comic Ellis writes titled Fell.

In this issue of Fell (cover to the left,) the main character, coupled with a DA, try to charge a suspect with murder one. It turns out he’d stolen a box full of the BZ from a warehouse, which was shot, exposing him to the drug. He then killed a local woman who rejected his advances and got off the murder charge because he was under the influence.

The bottom line here is that by following his blog you can understand the process behind the writing. And that, I happen to think it pretty cool.



  1. Scott B said,

    Well, this is a new blog for me. Looking forward to it!

  2. Hillary Kimmel said,

    Is it my imagination but are all comics, excuse me, graphic novels, totally obsessed with the dark side of life. This seems like one long nightmare.

  3. Caleb Lyons said,

    Well, i’ve read quite a few happy comic books in my life, and without any conflict or tension, comic books get boring. Same thing with film and TV: you need something terrible to happen to gain you interest so you keep reading. Now that i think about it, most superhero books are happy little stories about people believing in hope, and second chances and all that bullshit that doesnt really exist. Good comics reflect life to some extent, and since life is suffering and pain, they gotta contain a measure of both.

  4. Miriam Anzovin said,

    Hillary is completely right. Comics are indeed just one long nightmare. Therefore, they are excellent reading material to make one appreciate the joys of real life! We can just escape to these horrid little worlds of violence and supervillians when we want, and just as easily come back to our world and go “damn, I’m so glad the Cassandra Nova isn’t possesing MY body!!!”

  5. neal pruchansky said,

    the most creative comics may be those that deal with positive issues and personalities becuase it is much harder to make those interesting and captivating than it is the negative/ darker side. For examples see the newspaper and count stories about the positives vs those about negatives..it isn’t that there really is more (leaving out politicians) dark, violent, antisocial behaviors uin the real world.It is easier to write about those behaviors.

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