Warren’s Photo Heaven & Crazy Religious Zealot Depot

February 27, 2007 at 6:50 pm (Ellis Watch)

Ellis loves to use his blog to showcase the art of his friend, specifically female photographers. Whether other members of the comicbook community or just someone who lives in Iceland who has a nikkon, the site has plenty of strange weekly filler to make your day strange.

The most prominetly displayed example of this is Katie West, who does almost nothing but take naked/half-naked pictures of herself. For whatever reason, Ellis has been showcasing West’s work for years now, and as i understand, she makes a living selling prints of her work. Here’s a few examples:
Katie West

West Having An Apparent Good Idea...

Lovely, yes?

Ellis (much like myself) has a fascination with strange religious shit. Cults, psycho-christians, gay evangelic priests who buy meth from male prostitutes….the usual stuff. It serves as an almost alternative news site for people who don’t want to deal with CNN’s increasing effort at making their news clips humorous.


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  1. Katie West said,

    oh yes! very lovely!

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