New Sunshine Trailer

February 28, 2007 at 3:53 pm (Uncategorized)

Okay, i personally love Danny Boyle’s films. How many directors can actually talk an anti-industry band like Godspeed You! Black Emperor into letting him use on of their songs in his film (28 Days Later.) His new film is called Sunshine, and the second and even more amazing trailer was just released on the film’s website. The film takes place in the very near future, where the sun is about to die and with it, mankind. A crew is sent on a one-way mission to the sun to reignite it, when…well, just check out the trailers, yeah?
Here’s the first trailer:

Now here’s the even better second trailer:

Looks incredible to me. The last scifi epic i saw and really enjoyed was The Fountain, and it’ll be nice to see a piece of intellectual film making these days. The film has been pushed back to Fall, while it’s coming out in April everywhere else in the world. Lucky Bastards….

At any rate, what do you think of the trailers and are there any upcoming films your psyched about that maybe i don’t know about?



  1. Daryl said,

    I like the videos you added. What am I doing wrong that I am unable to add them to my blog too?

  2. Caleb Lyons said,

    Are you using wordpress or some other service? It depends on what service you use, but it usually involves involves using the embedded URL from the Youtube video and putting it in brackets like .

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