Bored? Watch some Doctor Who.

March 7, 2007 at 7:53 am (Uncategorized)

I love the fact that i can get (almost) any TV show i want in some digital form over the internet. The first time i really got into watching TV over my computer was 2 years ago, when i started downloading a show called Ideal via torrent files. For anyone who doesn’t know, torrent are they little files that you open with a torrent reading program, and then download from not just one location, by many. Thousands sometimes, if you’re lucky. At the time, the show was not (and still isn’t) available in the US on either TV or a DVD that would match my region, so no harm no foul, i figured. But lately, the flood of online standalone players has seriously opened up the possibilities of watching entire seasons of shows with only a few clicks.

Youtube used to have a lot of shows on it, but now that it’s its own corporate entity, they’ve removed nearly all copy written material. Then a few months ago, my friend Yuval showed me a site called TV-links which has literally seasons worth of shows on it for nothing. They get away with it because the site is nothing more than a centralization of a bunch a links, so it doesn’t contain any written material itself: it just points you in the right direction. Here’s their user tag:

So far on the site, I’ve watched every episode of Battlestar Gallactica, Frisky Dingo and Venture Brothers. I’ve also dabbles in your new Doctor Who, Torchwood, Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, Beavis & Butthead and Jackass. I like the site. A whole lot. I think it’s brilliant, and i fully intend to enjoy it while it lasts, but i have a feeling that won’t be very long. Something has to go wrong, because it’s far too good to be true.

How good is the quality though? Not great, but it’s pretty fucking good considering the compression it had to go through to become easily watched without waiting a half hour. Check out an example of something from Dailymotion, the UK’s answer to Youtube:

Look at that, some Doctor Who for y’all. And it costs you nothing. What do people think about something like this? Is it amoral? Stupid? Criminal? Maybe a good idea?


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  1. What the hell, how about some free movies while we’re at it? « Caleb Speaks Clever said,

    […] has links to streaming films as well. Current films, in fact. It’s the same general idea as TV-Links, but with film, and will certainly see its end at the hands of corporate lawyers very soon. The […]

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