CNN Dropped the Ball! Captain American is Dead!

March 8, 2007 at 4:27 am (Comic Books)

Wow is today the right day to be blogging about comic books! Before i get into the meat of this post, i wanna go over some quick comic book background, so bare with me.

Marvel Comics, 1 of the world’s 2 biggest comic book publishers, just finished a 7-part mini-series titled Civil War. The premise was as follows: you know how every time you see super-heros fighting super-villains, there’s a pant load of collateral damage and citizen deaths? Well, one superhero group really dropped the ball and got the entire town of Stamford, Connecticut killed. With an elementary school full of kids at ground zero. After that, the government then decides no more, and instills a law stating that no superhuman can function without government sanction, official training and revealing their identity. If they refuse, they face the penalty of incarceration and even death if they resist arrest. This leads to the entire Marvel universe full of superheros to take sides and cause, duh, a civil war of sorts with Captain American against the registration act and Iron Man for it. Spider-Man unmasks himself publicly, Goliath is murdered by a cyborg/clone of Thor and a ton of fighting ensues.

While Civil War is Marvel’s answer to DC’s recent Infinite Crisis, which was another “reality altering” miniseries finished last year, it does have some redeeming qualities. Civil War is meant to be a pseudo-political 7-issue series about the war on terror, and whether we should be giving away our rights for the betterment of the country. Currently the Marvel universe is recovering from the aftermath of the series, which ended with Captain America surrendered after realizing that while he’d beaten Iron Man physically, he was winning “Everything except the argument.”

Back to the present, when i first heard my girlfriend tell me about the CNN story, i had to check to see if April first moved up 24 days on me. I work at Newbury Comics, so when i heard that Captain America died and i wasn’t the first person to know, i was jolted obviously. But it’s true: in issue #25 of his title series, Captain America is assassinated on his way up the steps to his trial. Here’s the proof:

Who cares, right? My point is this: the minute the issue where Captain America dies hit shelves across the country (This very morning, March 7th,) posted a story on the front page announcing it. Now what sucks about that is anybody who reads Captain America on a monthly basis, didn’t pick up their new comic book first thing this morning and reads CNN for their news, had the comfy wool of suspense pulled from their eyes. Now honestly, screw Captain American and nearly any superhero book in general; they kill creativity and make good comics look bad. But it does suck if you wanted to be able to enjoy that comic today without being told the ending.

In defense of CNN’s stupid jumping of the gun, Marvel’s web site did have this as their main article for the day:

I should mention that Marvel’s Editor-In-Chief, Joe Quesada, has stated that he is dead and that his death isn’t some comic book nonsense where the character will come back and have no real effect in the long run. At any rate, it’s a cool day when comic books hit the headlines.

Anybody got any reactions to Cap’s death, or does no one give a damn like I’d expect?


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  1. Miriam Anzovin said,

    Huh. Civil War had some redeeming qualities?! Who Knew? I found the storytelling boring to the point of tears, and while usually a boring story can be made worthwhile by great art, this book had neither. You are definately right that this kind of cliche superhero genre of comics makes the industry look bad. Now, if one day CNN blares a headline like “Agent Shepherd Assasinated by Protege,” that will be a great day for us comic-lovin’ folks as it will mean nuanced, literary comics like “100 Bullets” are the standards of the comics industry. But lets face it…that’s NEVER gonna happen!

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