The Comment Project: Review

March 8, 2007 at 7:25 am (Uncategorized)

For everyone who isn’t Scott, the last 6 entries were part of an assignment to try and get more comments on my blog through any means i wanted. In actuality, it was significantly more difficult than I’d expected, and only got me a small handful of comments after all that effort. I’ll now break down what i did.

My first entry was a pretty foolish an idea upon reflection: pull people into my blog by posting horrible lies about celebs. My theory was, if someone Googled one of the mentioned celebrities and saw what i wrote, they’d drop in and maybe say something about it. It didn’t work. Probably because I say they’re lies within the post, but for all i know, a ton of people DID come to my site after Googling Britney Spears, saw that it was a blatant lie and left immediately. The most activity I got on the site was around 9 people, and that probably includes me a lot as well.

I figured the most obvious way to get comments was to ask a questions at the end of each post, thereby beckoning the reader to give their 2 cents and drop some feedback. Each of my posts for the assignment has a question at the end, and i tried to make the question as thought-provoking and accessible as possible. That way, people would be more inclined to speak their mind.

The topics I covered for this assignment were items I knew a lot about ahead of time, had a firm opinion about and eluded some sense of controversy. Watching copy written material on computers is extremely prevalent today, as is video game violence, so both of these topics should have theoretically gotten a rise out of the reader, or so was my hope. Everyone has some kind of a stance on the copy right violation war that’s happening today.

Embedding video on my blog was also a great way to spice up the content, and make the entries look more professional as well. Since I was already exited about the Sunshine movie, I figured that posting a few of the film’s trailers and asking people what they thought them was an easy way to pull in readers. WordPress makes embedding video pretty easy (though Dailymotion is not as easy as Youtube) so i continued to run with that idea for the post about downloading, and will continue to use video wherever it seems fit.

I decided to write about comic book author Chris Claremont for a handful of reasons. First, it let me get a lot of anger off my chest, but also because i know comic book fans are notorious for bitching and arguing about opinions. With that said, i hoped someone would happen upon my page and “have at” my bashing aggressively. No such luck as of yet on that front either.

Finally, I kinda lucked out when Captain America was killed this morning. Everyone was looking for information on the topic, so my blog stood to get a lot of attention from a lot of different people if i could get it out there. I wrote a nice backup for people who don’t know thing one about comic books, wrote about why it was a funny mistake for CNN to immediately post about it, and that was that. What’s funny is that i haven’t even read the damn issue.

Another way i tried to acquire more comments was putting a link to my blog in my AIM , Facebook and Myspace profiles(even though i never update them) in order to pull people in who might be looking at my info at a given time. I also let my relative know about the blog AND put a link to the Captain America story in my away message right after publishing it.

I used to do that same away message trick with my old blog, and it got a lot more readers than i expected it to at the time, so it’s a tried and true method to me. Initally, a lot of people would just click it thinking it was a linked to a video or news story, but after a while, my friends knew it was my blog and would read it often. I hope to gain that same level of grassroots readership with this blog, especially since WordPress is a much more professional alternative to Blogspot.


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  1. Scott B said,

    Caleb: Nice job with this. I wonder if your “marketing” will bring you more readers and commenters as we progress through the semester. Keep us posted.

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