The US doesnt take care of it’s veterans?! Get out of town…

March 8, 2007 at 10:37 pm (Uncategorized)

So Scott had the class read this phenomenal story about soldiers who come back to the use after being seriously wounded in the Middle East, and how horribly treated and forgotten they are within these broken down excuses of military hospitals, and the story is very powerful.

It’s part one of a series about the fallout of the Iraqi war, and it’s deeply deeply depressing. The conditions these disfigured and broken men live in are inhumane, and has lead to many of them developing mental problems as a result of their lack of medical and mental attention. Furthermore, such mentally unstable soldiers are often put into positions of authority within these hospitals; the metaphoric “blind leading the blind,” as it were.

The piece is a seriously excellent piece of journalism, and you’d have to be a heartless bastard to not feel terrible for the state of things for these fallen soldiers. The article certainly instills a sense of anger in the empathetic reader, because of the massive amount of injustice involved in the way these human beings are treated by out government. It’s certainly a piece of liberal propaganda, in the sense that it briefly outlines Bush visiting the only clean ward in the hospital for a photo op every now and then, then saying he’ll improve conditions, but never follows through.

If you haven’t already, give it a look see.

In addition to the 5 page article, the Washington Post site for the story also has a brief 3 minutes or so long clip about these outpatient soldiers are made to feel less than human by their superiors, and now live a hellish life of going to therapy and coming home day after day. It’s a great addition to the story, since it gives these soldiers a face and visually illustrates what such terrible condition look like in a way pictures and words can’t do alone.

Here’s the video portion.

Finally, the story has a super-long comments section, filled with a whole lot of angry reactions and a few jackasses making jokes. Looking at the outrage felt by these people and knowing that i feel much the same way makes me realize just how out of the people’s control the government truly is under the current administration. It builds on my own frustration toward the current state of affairs, and reminds me why i, like so many other Americans, try not to think about politics on a daily basis because of how depressing and infuriating it is.

Comments portion is here.


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  1. Devon "The King" Courtney said,

    I enjoy the high-powered hostilities that go hand-in-hand with your blog. Keep it up!

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