Celebrity Blogs: Are they just jerking off or what?

March 29, 2007 at 8:13 pm (Uncategorized)

Today, anyone can have a blog. Even celebrities. As far as that goes, people have always used their fame in ways they deam selfless and useful. Bono is a good example, what with him thinking he’s Jesus and all, of such celebs making the most of the attention they draw. But now they’re blogging, and it’s giving me a few mixed feelings on the matter…

In some ways, it’s an interesting pheonomenon. Lots of the time with celeb talent, we the people have questions we want answered by them, and have no real means to get such answers. It creates this air of enimga around a celebrity, full of stuff we wanna know and they arent going to tell us.

Curt Schilling, pitcher for the Red Sox (which i recently realized is a terribly strange name for a team) has a blog out now that has come under fire from the Boston Globe. Well, Schilling uses his blog to address issues formally to the press in what are basically releases. It’s an interesting way to get your opinion out there and cut out the middle man (yet another reporter loses work out there).

Now take a look his freaking site. Notice the Q&A’s? All 600 of them? It’s one thing if you’re a celebrity and you are answering questions reporters have. You owe us that. But when you answer questions on your own site, guess what? YOU ARE BEING A PRETENTIOUS A$$HOLE! Doesnt shock me that a Republican putz like Schilling would do that, but it is rather bothersome to read him always talking about himself. And people wonder why i fucking hate sports…

In my honest opinion, there are only a handful of “celebrities” i’d be interested enougb to read a blog about, and most of them are comic writers, so that’s that. Hell, they all have the right to go on about whatever they want, i just think it’s a bunch of bollicks for them to further get off on their fame by swimming in the comments they get.


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