Drankin’ Pardnas: Are 1/2 of UMass Students Boozehounds and Drug-Whores?

April 5, 2007 at 10:15 pm (Uncategorized)

According to this story in today’s Daily Collegian “about half of full-time college students abuse drugs and alcohol.” One look at the campus on a weekend, and you can tell that UMass is not a dry campus, but how bad could it be? If the website ZooMassDrunks is any indication, then our alchoholic peers have the dicipline of a kleptomaniac in a blind womans house. Take a gander at a couple pictures from the aforementioned site, selected by UMass’ own Courtney Souza:

Souza went on to searching for UMass’ alcohol-centered groups, and Lord, does the infamous college networking site Facebook, have a ton of groups devoted to drinking. And if being a card-carrying member of “AA=Alcohol Appreciation” isnt you bag, there are likewise, a bevy of anti-drinking groups as well. Notable examples include “i can only have fun when i’m sober” and, you guessed it, the “Straight Edge” group.

Drinking is an appropriate topic for publication today, what with April being Alchohol Awareness Month, and it’s lead students to question their peers as to what their drinking/drugging habits are like.

Additionally, organizations are popping up left and right into order to retard this rise in drug use. UMass has people like “The Campus and Community Coalition to Reduce High Risk Drinking” who are attempting to curb this trend, but all the while, UMass Police are increasing their presence in dorms. (Thanks to Scott Brodeur for the links)

Statistically, drinking has been on the rise for a while. According to these statistics, collected by Tara Quist: “From 1993 to 2005, there has been no significant reduction in the levels of drinking and binge drinking among college students. In 2005, 67.9 percent of
students (approximately 5.3 million students) reported drinking in the past
month and 40.1 percent (approximately 3.1 million students) reported binge
” This same study also purported that abuse of prescription drugs is also on the rise with a “342.9 percent increase” between 1993 and 2005″. Also, UMass did a survey in 2003 that stated much the same findings.

Many UMass students have a lot to say about drinking:

Devon Courtney went to UMass’ Campus Center, and questioned students on the above topic. Click here to see his report.

To see what UMass students drink preferences are, see this story by Daryl.

You can also, check out the raw audio of Mike and Devon’s interviews here: WS_30011.WMA

While here, take into consideration the testimony of one Ryan Gibbons, an avid drinker, who said much of his first hand experiences. Why is Ryan different from any other drinker?

Need i say more?



  1. Scott B said,

    I have been showing off this work to a lot of people, and everyone is impressed. Nice work, everyone!

  2. DPopYo said,

    Great job “converging” everyone!

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