(pod)Cast Away!

April 5, 2007 at 3:57 pm (Uncategorized)

I’ve been enjoying podcasts for a few years now, so an assignment where i review 2 original podcasts makes all those hours of listening seem purposeful. The idea of a portable “radio” broadcast came in handy when my iPod still worked, and was even more appealing during adderall fueled all-nighters. When you’re up all night, a good way to both relax and remember what the time is involves kicking back and listening to a timestamped news brief. So here’s a review of my 2 favorite podcasts:

Brainwashed Radio‘s weekly podcast was the first podcast I fell in love with, and i continue to listen to it to this day. Stemming from parent site, Brainwashed.com, a Boston based online publication devoted to “eclectic music” this podcast consists of a single, hour long audio recording made for the express purpose of spreading good music showcased on Brainwashed. Brainwashed started as a means of hosting permanent web pages for many independent bands, and soon branched out to contain things like a video section, titled The Eye, as well as CD reviews. They then started a streaming radio station
and from there began the podcast. Many of my favorite bands are featured on Brainwashed’s podcast: including Low, The Legendary Pink Dots, Arab Strap, Coil, Antony and the Johnsons and Do Make Say Think, among others. If you’re sick of pop music and radio in general, but don’t mind listening to post-folk, psy-trance and a little Japanese noise, then this podcast is right for you.

My second podcast is the legendarily convenient NPR hourly news summary, a brilliant example of how timely a pre-recorded podcast can be. Updated on the hour, every hour, this podcast is great because it supplies the listening with news as it’s happening at any given hour of the day. If you’ve got a spare minute before class, you can know the news. Better yet, NPR is amazing because they see beyond the specialized news-feeds like CNN, which report American news first, and instead give priority to reporting world news first. While NPR certainly has a liberal spin to what news they report. This can be demonstrated by the reporting of negative news from Iraq and Iran alongside growing reports of global warming concerns. At the same time, unlike Lindsay Lohan’s drug addiction, these issues matter, so they merit more attention.

It’s amazing how quickly podcasts took off. I’d first heard of them from Warren Ellis, actually. He took a few stabs at podcasts, via songs he’d gotten from MySpace, ironically. Since then, way too many podcasts have jumped up, but as long as you’re willing to shuffle through a lot of mess, you can find some seriously worthwhile content.



  1. Devon "The King" Courtney said,

    Music podcasts I find boring, very slightly.

  2. Devon "The King" Courtney said,

  3. Ian said,

    Yeah, im not too much of a fan of music podcasts. I like the comedy and like interesting ones. A few of my favorite podcasts are Hometown Tales, Wreckless Media Radio, and Switched On.

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