WarrenEllis.com: Links 2 3 4 (…like anyone will get a Rammstein reference…)

April 10, 2007 at 6:04 pm (Ellis Watch)

Here’s a handful of links from WarrenEllis.com that i’ve compiled to show why WarrenEllis.com used to be my homepage (It’s currently my RSS reader). Between cans of Redbull, Ellis posts crazy stories from all over the globe, some of which everyone knows about, and others that are far too obscure for any normal person to happen upon.

Like this one, about a drill sergent who made his men dress up like Superman and/or rape them.

Here’s another crazy article, this time about how some Serbs who fancy themselves “vampire hunters” have taken it upon themselves to shove a wooden stake through the heart of deceased former Yugoslavian president/war criminal Slobadon Milosevic., in order to prevent him from coming back from the grave. Ever.

Ellis also tends to showcase things that disturb him that he’s found on the internet. Today he posted this link to a website titled “Abstinence Feels Good” which is attempting to promote abstinence using ipod-like design. It gives me a furrowed-brow and a chill, but taps into the huge amount of crazy religious stuff Ellis posts.



  1. Devon "King" Courtney said,

    Glad you enjoy it. If you want a blog pertaining to crazy religious people (it’s more of a clearly incorrect and biased comic), here’s a good one. It also makes me laugh like a loon on happy gas at a three ring circus.


    Explore it, the guy does extremely crazy Christian comics on such topics as D&D, Magic, Evolution, Suicide, and Informed Theology….and why they all somehow make you burn in hell.

  2. Caleb Lyons said,

    Oh yeah, i know all about Jack Chick. I knew a kid who collected a massive amount of his “Chick Tropes” and shared them in graphic novel class. I gotta say, i both love and hate them.

  3. DPop said,

    Thanks for taking pics and helping out with the stories Thursday. Have a great long weekend 🙂

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