On McCain’s Ass Like Depends: Is the Times Video Service Doing Justice to Their Reputation?

May 3, 2007 at 4:22 pm (Uncategorized)

The New York Times is doing a pretty good job tracking John McCain’s vie for presidency , and they’re moving into the realm of video with pretty bad results. On their site, they’ve got a progressive biography of McCain, a political blog by Adam Nagourney called “On the McCain Trail” and, of course, a video section. The most prominent video up now involves McCain’s potentially campaign-crippling joke about the middle east. What joke you ask?

Yeah, not the best move he could have made, and has planted a seed of doubt in the hearts of a few voters already. As we’ve seen in the past, all it takes is one viral video to end your campaign in a second:

Now, The Times has made a few videos in response to McCain’s campaign, but for some reason, the site has some of the worst talent delivering these stories they could possibly muster. It’s strange that a newspaper like the New York Times, which is arguably the best newspaper in America, has such seriously unfitting and boring talent running their video based stories. Maybe it stems from the legendary NY Time writing style, which is on-the-nose and very straightforward, but every video I’ve watched on their site is narrated by either a droll voice and/or an unappealing face. It makes one think about how poorly attempts at convergence journalism are being handled by old hats like The Times, since today, the need for supplemental video in news sites is basically expected, and while some sites are handling it well, it appear The Times is not.

Take a look at the above mentioned piece about McCain’s Beach Boys joke to see what i mean.

I don’t understand how you take something interesting like McCain being a dumbass and turn it into something so boring! It’s a damn shame, because video can be awesome, but clearly the Time has no flippin’ idea what they’re doing…



  1. Scott B said,

    Caleb: Very well done. Your critique is poignant, well written and you introduce accompanying video embeds to help tell the story at another level. Nice job.

  2. segmental said,

    Segmental says : I absolutely agree with this !

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